The sacred art of the mandala has been recognized throughout the ages as a portal
for accessing higher realms of consiousness and spiritual enlightenment.
The Tapestry of Life Mandalas are unique in that they are created from your astrological birthchart.
Because no two charts are the same, no two mandalas are the same.
Created by spiritual artist Vickie Verlie, each mandala is a one of a kind work of art - just like you.

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From a very early age Vickie was able to see auras and experienced glimpses of past lives.
Under the tutelage of her grandmother she was able to understand and develop these gifts while growing up.
Vickie continued to study all areas of metaphysics and by the early 1990s she was doing psychic reading professionally.
One day while looking at an astology chart, she began to get visions of colors coming forth from the chart,
and the Tapestry of Life Mandalas were born.

The astrological chart is calculated using astrology software, but then no further automation is invloved.
The computer is merely the tool that I use for pure organic artistic expression to come through.
During the creation process, (which can take several hours)
I am tuning in to your energy from the vibrations of your chart (the blueprint of your life).
Visions and impressions are coming through as the mandala begins to unfold and the essence of your soul shines through.
The insights received during the creation of your mandala are recorded and written out.
Your soul reading is included along with the completed artwork.

Your soul reading encompasses all aspects of your soul's journey.
While past lives are a big part of it, current situations, and future paths may also come through.
Each soul reading is unique just as is each mandala is unique.
**Soul readings now available separately - see order page for details.

Your mandala will continue to reveal itself to you as you meditate and scry upon it.
Tune in to higher realms of healing and enlightenment.
Gain insights into your life's purpose and the journey of your soul.
Use as a focal point to establish sacred space, or just enjoy as a sacred piece of art.

"Thank you for my amazing mandala and the past life pictures you sent Jessica and myself.
I feel like my mandala is like a portal into myself and brings up different layers of my soul as I look it at different times.
Your work is powerful and I know I will keep on getting more and more out of it as time goes on."

- Tom Lescher

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